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    Hey guys, I wanted to know more about skull reshaping as I have a mild case of plagiocephaly. I'm an American, so naturally, I looked at options here in the USA. it looks like only 3 doctors here in America can address this issue of fixing uneven heads.

    1) Eppley: I don't trust him due to the sheer amount of negative reviews. Quotes at $13,000 for a sillicone implant
    2) Tahiri: Says i'll have a scar from ear to ear over my head (yikes!) for implant. Quotes me at $15,000.
    3) Deschamps-Braly: Any head surgery from him starts at $13,000 to $25,000

    So I am not too happy with these options. Also, there's a lack of before and after pics, and general reviews about this surgery. I'm turning to Korea.
    1) What are my options in Korea? The only thing I've seen is ITEM clinic's osteobond treatment with Dr Chung Woo Jin which is reasonably priced. How good are his results?
    2) Are people generally happy with osteobond results-wise? Doctors in America (Eppley and Tahiri) claim it is imprecise and may not be symmetrical. That is what I'm really concerned of. Is it possible to get a reasonable result?
    3) Any Korean clinics that are better than ITEM with a proven record?
    4) Is this a common procedure in Korea?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Any help on this? :sad:
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to bump this thread up. I'm really desperate for this. Anyone with a slight idea on this surgery in Korea would help a million. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey,

    I know Banobagi also offer this procedure but don't know about their results.

    From my understanding results at Bano are very surgeon specific, so just make sure you do the face to face consult, and ask to see their before and afters, if you decide to use them.

    It may be worth contacting them and getting an online quote? It will at least give you an idea of the price range to expect in Korea :smile:

    Honestly, if you do decide to go to Korea for it, my AirBNB host can probably recommend a few more doctors for consults (I think 4-5 is normally a good number?).
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  5. Thank you!

    I'll look at Banobagi. I found out that JJ Hong does it too. Are they any good? It just feels weird that there aren't any solid before and afters.

    Like I don't know a single person that had it done. Or people don't even talk about it anywhere. The 2 American doctors that do it are pushing for implants.
    A lot of Korean clinics don't even have it listed in their websites.

    Also, ITEM's skull shaping Youtube video got some sizable dislikes and one of the comments was from a girl that claimed to have had it done at ITEM. She wasn't too happy with the results saying it barely did anything to fix the issue.

    I've contacted ITEM and they say its a fairly popular surgery in Korea. They do 10-15 back of head bone cement additions a month. Does this sound accurate?

    I'm so stressed :/
  6. Awww! Don't stress too much (I know exactly how you feel, the research phase is definitely the hardest for korean PS imo).

    I know the forehead augmentation is the most common form of skull reshaping in Korea (not including jaw/chin surgeries), but the back and top of head are also done. I think compared to the west they're definitely more normal!

    I think the thing to bear in mind is that a lot of korean PS clinics have fairly limited English websites or none at all, so although they may offer the surgery it's difficult to find as an English speaker! Like banobagi and item are probably two of the biggest clinics targeting foreigners hence they have it listed. The fact that you already have 3 korean clinics just based off their English websites is indicative that many other clinics will also offer it :smile:

    I just sent you a quick PM as well!
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  7. Why is it hard to find info/reviews online about this surgery? :sad: I literally can't find a single legit positive or negative reviews on this.

    If anyone knows even a Korean forum that has reviews, I'll even use Google translate to understand it. It would be so helpful anyone has a link to such reviews...
  8. @Ashly117 most Korean reviews can be found at Naver forums.
  9. How do I search on it? I'm having difficulty with searching since I don't speak Korean. Apparently Google translate isn't as easy as I thought to use in this situation :p
  10. Sorry, can't help you there as I also don't speak Korean :sad: I remember in my research that a forummer marir did post B&A of clinics she found on Naver in this forum. So you can try researching this way. Good luck!