1. Swooning!!! Absolutely gorgeous on you! Thanks so much for posting. Is it really that close to the Essie original Starry Night?
  2. I'd say yes. I only worn the original SSN once as well (haven't tried the new one yet). Here is my picture of SSN:

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  3. Stunning! I only have the new version, but I am happy with it.
  4. Chanel 586 Rose Prodigious
    4th finger Butter London
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  5. IMG_6670.JPG Hurricane Irma nails - A England Sparks Devine.
  6. Zoya Rory with matte topcoat.
    (The topcoat is Pretty Serious Matte All The Things, which I got recently and really like.)
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  7. ^cute nail art!

    ^love it! It's the same color as our sand...that Irma washed away from our beach.

    ^fun mani!
  8. Nail polish - 1.jpg Here is Gelish Mali-Blu Me Away. I'm a much better nurse than I am a nail technician - LOL. I must wash my hands at least 50 times a day so I need something that will last. I never used to like blue nail polish, but now I can't get enough of it.
  9. Ran out of poshe top coat. Mickey mouse smudge :sad:
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  11. @MahoganyQT - do you have this Zoya? If not, you clearly need it. Your skin tone is even more beautiful than the lady in this pic. I can't wait to see this on you in a month or so. ️ (I think I'm going to order it too.)

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  12. ^I know what you mean about blue. This shade is fantastic on you!

    ^what a shame about the smudge on your nail art. You did a great job with it though.

    ^you had me at jelly
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  13. Innisfree nail polish
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  14. Love this!

    What a striking blue, very pretty on you.
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  15. Did a gel manicure yesterday with this tomato red, love it so much. Does anyone know of a OPI with this bright colour?IMG_1505891225.598710.jpg