1. Shannon and her histrionics are getting old!!
  2. me too!
  3. Meghan's husband Jim Edmonds is loaded-his net worth is $35 million...so she is more than richish! At least I think she's very rich!
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  4. It reminded me of Jaq on New Jersey, when she was imploding with craziness. It's sad that the voice of reason is Lydia.
    And now to take on the stress of opening a restaurant with no support from David is a recipe for disaster. At least she seems to have hired people to do many of the things needed.
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  5. Maybe Jimbo got her to sign a pre-nup....would not be surprised since he barely films with or even live with her.....and don't blame him...she is insufferable.
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  6. Oh, for sure she signed a prenup....plus he needs to protect his kids..also, Meghan is his third wife
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  7. And he doesn't seem to be extending himself with mansions and multiple sports cars. Or maybe he is and he's not showing off for the cameras, which I am thankful for.
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  8. Yes! I like the ones who are low key.

    RE: lydia's grandfathers pic...Kevin Costner came to mind. Similar face shape and eyes. Very handsome.
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  9. Lydia actually has a brother, so she is not the only person in the Keebler Elf family.
    I'm sorry , I don't like to do this but she looks like a Keebler elf
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  10. She bought teeth that are way too big for her mouth. I find it distracting and I keep waiting to see if she can get her lips around them.
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  11. Are you sure those aren't her real teeth? They look like to me.
  12. The desperately need a recast or end this series. Last season I was hanging on to string because I found Heather somewhat interesting, although I didn't like her. Watching ladies scream constantly like these girls do is like nails on a chalkboard.
  13. What is going on with Peggy's face? At times she looks very attractive and then she gets in the car and suddenly I am seeing angles unknown to typical facial features. Sometimes I think these women's pursuit of youth backfires and actually prematurely ages them.
  14. And what's up with her (Peggy) hair? It usually looks terrible. You'd think she'd be able to afford to have someone style it.
  15. I just caught up on the past couple of weeks. That scene with Shannon and David on the couch was brutal to watch...she is trying to talk to him and he has no response, then gets up to check on the girls making diner. Just awful...they need to divorce for sure. Then her becoming unhinged once again at Kelly's party...just terrible!
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