1. 20% off sale

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  2. I believe the code 20EXTRA only applies to sale items.
  3. She did type "20% off sale" which I took to mean off the sale...
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  4. OHHHH I read it differently, but I see what you mean! My bad :smile:
  5. Hi! Does anyone have a code?
  6. Also, I have been trying to buy something on the MATCHESFASHION.COM website and it rejects my card. I did a Paypal transaction. The money went through PayPal but I have no history of the sale under my matches profile. I'm purchasing through my iPad
  7. There's something weird going on with the Matches site. Tried buying something yesterday and it crashed as I was at the PayPal payment page. After getting back in, the item was sold out but apparently still in stock (in warehouse but not on website) when I called customer service. They are still trying to sort it out for me.
  8. I would be calling the customer service number asap - it's 24 hours, Unless, you wait for another hour an half it will be 9am in London and your call will be through the head office. Good luck
  9. Thanks so much. Good luck with that gorgeous coat of yours
  10. Thanks for the tip. My first order did not go through. I had to email the PayPal pending receipt to them so that they can ask PayPal to cancel the transaction. I then did a phone order. My credit card failed but worked when it was re-rang. Also, A few hours later, I get an email asking to call them. I had to verify my name and address since i never purchased from them before and I charged a big amount. Seemed like a pain in the ass but I appreciated them to make sure my card wasn't stolen.

    These codes are amazing! I saved $125 off of my $1890 small Marmont. Last week I spent $1770 or so on the mini! I returned that and for just a little it more, I saved buying from matches. This is with vat and shipping, it's still! Plus I cannot find a small pink in the states.
  11. That is great! Enjoy! I have to say Matchesfashion customer service is fantastic, them and Farfetch I have to say are amazing! I bought a Ferragamo wallet from Bluefly 12 months ago and the Gancio hardware has worn and looks tarnished- my last Ferragamo lasted 10 years! Anyway, BF customer service is the worst!!
  12. Yes I agree I've had the same experience. So far I am loving MF!
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  13. Didn't know that! Great tip! See this is why I love PF :biggrin:
  14. Me too lol! It justifies and feeds my addiction if that makes sense lol
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  15. Wow! I would ring customer service to place the order. Whoever needs to buy would need your details I think. .