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    My new ssh in Peacock, and it's made in France :smile: ...I really like this new slightly larger size as compared to the old small size :smile:
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  2. Thanks so much for pointing that out! Typo on my part, too eager to post, haha! They also had the pink Fou coin purse that you have - I was contemplating it but then I remembered my Clay Quadri coin purse which is of similar design which I still have not used. So I thought, ok, as tempting as it is to also get the coin purse, I shouldn't! They also had a Black Quadri coin purse which is the same as my Clay one but also had to put that down even though I have 2 Black Quadri bags.

    Ok, maybe it wasn't a typo but the heart pining for the pink Foulonne coin purse haha! Tough choices were made, LOL!

    That's weird that the USA didn't carry it. Wonder why - not popular enough? :sad:

    Yes, the loafers are so comfortable. I haven't worn them outdoors yet - thinking of spot spraying with Apple Garde first and if it works out, will be spraying them...
  3. Lovely! :biggrin:
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  4. Wonderful haul! I can imagine your dilemma. There must had been many gorgeous goodies!

    Great color! This new size looks to be a very handy size.
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  5. I've never seen so many LC items before! Amazing!
  6. I wish you were nearer. I would join you!
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  7. That would have been great, if only!
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  8. 21754961_10155700891559812_2143181234_o.jpg 21618555_10155700891479812_1966097465_o.jpg 21843927_10155700891484812_1010192947_o.jpg 21764432_10155700891534812_2043103828_o.jpg

    I added two in my collection. Small tote bag in Garance and Medium top handle in Beige. I love how waterproof they are, and they're great for travelling.
  9. My haul from my travel to Berlin. Got them from Galeries Lafayette. The Peacock photographs more blue. To me it is more green IRL. Happy to get this small Neo that is MIF!
    The Mademoiselle is beautiful btw!!
  10. Wow you got a MIF. My large Peacock is MIC. The SA looked at the back for MIF but didn't find one for me.
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  11. Thank you, it was pure luck, as I got it from Sandspoint shop :smile:
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  12. I had a Longchamp Le Pliage as a teenager, but forgot about the brand after that. I've been searching for a card holder for a while and saw recommendations about this one from Longchamp. Normally I prefer plain colours but didn't want to buy a black or brown, so I went with the bright pink card holder. I have coins and bills in the keyholder from LV, so no need for a wallet anymore! The quality of the leather seems very good, now I think I have to take a look at the leather bags from Longchamp also..
  13. Congrats on getting a piece from the Foulonné line, one of my fav lines from Longchamp. The leather is truly wonderful, soft and yet stands up to daily usage.
  14. Great combination!
  15. At breakfast with my 3D Clutch in Mist and wristlet strap from a disused Blue Cuir Compact Wallet

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