1. Thank you, my friend. :heart::hugs:
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  2. You look stunning DM, your Chanel is rockin'...oh yeah, and the food looks amazing also! I hope you had a good night out and that things are getting better on the homefront xoxo
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  3. Thank you, Nicole. I appreciate your kindness. :heart::heart:
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  4. That fig dish is insanely OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!:yahoo:& of course you & your beautiful mini right along w/ it:girlsigh::love:.
    @Iamminda PLEASE please i beg of you, don't be "shy" & go buy some figs TODAY!!!! They are probably 1 of my all time favorite foods/fruits:tup:
    I just came back here to say hi to you lovely beauties including @nicole0612 but while I think of it i took this pic yesterday of an obnoxiously big hunk of "chocolate-something"cake w/ ice cream & whipped cream .....my work partner is a VERY BAD influence & he ordered it for us to share after a late working lunch. We only could eat half of it & then i had no dinner afterward but i guess it was worth it!:wave:Happy weekend sweet friends!:hugs:
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  5. Super yummy looking chocolate cake, my friend. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. :heart::heart::hugs:
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  6. Wow, I am totally drooling at the sight of that chocolate dessert. I would have gladly ate the other half :smile:. I should try a fig sometime (I think DH had it before when we went out but I never wanted to try it. I am so boring when it comes to food/fruit — like DH loves this roasted pear in red wine (?) dish that I can’t imagine eating. I always think of fig as so exotic, mysterious, mythical (going back to Adam and Eve, etc)
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  7. Thank you dear DM & I must enlist your help in convincing our sweet IM to try a damn FIG!!!:lol:She seriously is missing out so DO IT iamminda!!!:yes: :yahoo:
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  8. I would love to devour this right now!
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  9. Last night's dinner; butternut squash soup and a veggie pizza (eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms). :heart:20170923_181337.jpg20170923_183431.jpg
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  10. These look delicious! I love butternut squash soup (haven’t had it in awhile though — may have to buy some from TJoe soon). And I love these perfect toppings on your pizza!
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  11. :heart::heart::hugs:
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  13. Three cheers for soup weather!!! :heart::heart:
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  14. This sauce is becoming a Monday night ritual in my house. :heart::heart:20170925_174800.jpg
  15. This looks like a feast for both the eyes and stomach! So vibrant and fresh looking. I forgot that you make your own tomato sauce — so impressive. Does it take long?
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