1. Thank you for your reply, I too would like to get through this without HRT and I guess the digestive issues are really the things that are driving me nuts. I've started going to bed later in the hope I will sleep through and not wake for two hours every night
  2. Have you tried taking a daily probiotic? I use the GNC brand for women:
    GNC Probiotic Solutions Women's - 30 Billion CFUs
    It's expensive at full retail, but I generally catch it on sale. I've been taking it for the past 1 1/2 years. My whole digestive system is MUCH happier now!
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    Just like everything, it varies from person to person. All our bodies function differently. My last bleeding (wasn't even a period, just a bit of bleeding) was April 2009, so it's been well over 8 years for me, then I went the full year without anything. So officially, I'm 7.5 years post-menopausal.

    I went through a few years of weight gain around the middle during peri-menopause and have lost my "hourglass" figure, but that's not unusual. In 2010, I worked to lose the 25 pounds I'd gained partly from inactivity related to my multiple back surgeries and partly due to hormone changes. I've kept that weight off since then with portion control and daily walks. That really does help.

    The gastrointestinal things are just part of the nuisances that go with getting older. The only PMS kind of thing I experience is what I call an "aura" telling me a hot flash is coming. It's just a momentary achy breast feeling that precedes a hot flash. Then poof, it's gone.

    Edit Note: The sleep issue is the one that took the longest to resolve. I used to be a hardcore 8 hour per night sleeper. After years of a lot of weird, sleepless and broken sleep nights, I've pretty much leveled off to around 6 hours a night. That seems to be plenty for me these days. Try taking some Benadryl before bedtime if you're really struggling. It's mostly benign, so you don't get hooked and there are pretty much no side effects.
  4. thanks...your right, everyone is so very different that its hard to compare..exercise is huge...not only for the physical aspect, but for your mind as well...I have friends that are taking ssri's and hormones, but that's not a road I want to explore...I just thought that once your period stops, then it gets better..but I guess not...on another note, I had back issues last year and I was put on gabapentin for a short time...my gyno told me they use gab for hot flashes and sleep issues, and I have to tell you...it really helped with both....
  5. Yes, I'd heard that about gabapentin (treating hot flashes). I actually had taken it for a short period because of nerve pain issues in my right leg related to my degenerative disk disease several years ago. Not only did it not help the nerve pain, it gave me a bi-lateral relapse of my carpal tunnel. So I dumped the stuff (after I got two cortisone shots, one per wrist). Unless it's absolutely necessary, I refuse to take most medications because I usually end up worse than I started. That's why I beat the holistic medicine route drum so loudly. Menopause isn't a disease. It's a natural phase of life.
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  6. Omg..so sorry that happened to you.. I was prescribed it for my nerve pain and trust me I didn't take it right away I did some research and then finally spoke to my gyno and that's when I decided to try it you're right though you try to avoid all medications especially since it's such a natural thing that happens to women
  7. :biggrin: This is me. All my friends skipped the HRT and I did as well. No regrets here. I must say Prada that you were an inspiration in that regard. Every time I considered tossing in the hat--and I did get a prescription at one time--I thought of your encouragements to avoid it. I also thought of all the tumors and cancers in my family with estrogen-receptor cells--I had one--and knew I'd regret taking HRT if I should develop something in the years ahead.

    I'm about 4 years out and still get frequent hot flashes though they've calmed a bit. I have a friend who's a dozen years out and still gets hot flashes so intense they steam up her car windows but claims they have calmed down from their height. So I hold out hope things will continue to improve.

    I have actually been sleeping better. I no longer wake up frequently feeling like my body is on fire. And I no longer get the intense migraines and panic attacks I got when I had a period. None at all. That's been great. So post-menopause is livable.

    Thanks for the inspiration and cheer-leading Prada! :heart:
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  8. Happy to hear you're doing so well! :hugs:

    I feel like doing somersaults this morning: I slept a solid, uninterrupted SEVEN HOURS!! Hey, it's the little things.
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  9. Woo-Hoooo! :yahoo: I feel like I've accomplished something great when I sleep four hours at a stretch. But that doesn't happen often. I still hold out hope things will get better eventually.
  10. You're following my footsteps. I started at four hours straight several years ago, then slowly got up to five & six hours. The seven hours last night was a new post-menopausal league record! :biggrin:

    Edit note: If your lifestyle allows you to take a nap mid-afternoon or so, I find that really helps with fatigue issues. Even with only four hours of "official sleep" the little power nap in the afternoon makes a difference.
  11. Hey! This was my 20,000th post. Though having been here over 11 years now, I'm a lot slower than most of you guys. :lol:
  12. Congratulations! Isn't it amazing how many of us have been here for 10 years or longer? That says that either TPF is a pretty cool place or we're all a bit crazy. :biggrin:
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  13. Oh bless whoever revived this thread! The migraines are killing me!
  14. Are you pre- or post-menopausal? I had killer migraines for about ten years pre-menopausal, then they vanished with my periods. I've read that migraines vanish for about half of post-menopausal women but that HRT, with the exception of estrogen patches, can cause them to start up again. They really are horrible aren't they?
  15. I'm pre. The migraines come right before my periods and my doctors have been ridiculously unsympathetic about giving me medication for them.