1. What would you do?

    I started a new job in June. When I started I was told I could make my own schedule as long as I turned it in a week in advance. The only instruction I was given is that I needed to hit each shift (there are 3) each week. I've been doing this since I began, no complaints. Today I went in at 4am. This enables me to be there for part of graveyard. Plus they specified that they wanted me to do lockout/tagout audits. At setup, around 430, is one of the best times to get people performing LOTO. At other times, it's hit or miss, but I know then machines will get locked out then.

    My boss approached me this afternoon, asked me why I came in so early. I handed her the audits from that morning. She asked how they went. I said fine. She then informed me that I would need to start working 8-5:30 4 days a week, with one early day a week. That was it. No explanation. She walked away to do interviews. I feel as if I got in trouble for something. I'm left wondering what I did wrong, even though I have not gotten into trouble for anything.

    The new schedule is going to be rough. Two times a week I've been taking my son to PT. He still needs it, new schedule won't allow it. I commited to a different appointment every other week for my son at 530. Had I knew about this schedule, I would have gotten a later time slot.

    The schedule also sucks for my job. I do a lot of training. Typically, I've been contacting supervisors asking them when I can meet with their group to do it. Now it'll be super limited, which will piss people off as far as production. It's hard enough to get people into training at times they tell me they are less busy. Now I'll be trying to force them into my limited availability.

    I didn't get a chance to talk to my boss, because she was busy. Honestly, I'm not sure how to approach it. I don't even know where this came from.
  2. Odd, I'd just schedule time with her and say "Hey, I've been working an early shift since I started in June, and I was under the understanding that was going to be my schedule permanently. I need to take my son to dr's appts and I've committed to them already. Plus my current schedule allows me to lead training efficiently. Is there any particular reason why you need me to change my schedule?"

    Non confrontational, just make it a conversation.
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  3. Don't know where you are, but where I'm from, labour code protects the employee from sudden changes, as 2-week notice is required. The employer can change schedules at will, but advance notice is required. What is the situation in your location?
    When you have a discussion with your boss, bring up the impact a schedule change will have on training, but also I'd bargain for a longer notice period so you can change your son's appointments.
    Good luck!
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  4. My boss has been in interviews again all day. I know I just need to non confrentationally ask. I need not to make it a big deal. I feel that it should have been a conversation if they wanted to change my schedule with a reason why. Not an accusational question as to why I had come in early followed by a statement that my new schedule would be X. Just pissed me off. There is no reason that I can see that this new schedule is needed. I'm unsure as to what this helps.

    There was a note on my desk when I came in this morning from the graveyard supervisor asking me if I could come do recertifications on a certain day. I can't even answer him. Do I now need to get clearance everytime I meet with graveyard? As there was no one doing this job, there are quite a few things that they need to be updated on. Good grief.
  5. i have no idea what field you're even in, but perhaps a change will be going around you with other work in the company or other departments and now your work is no longer required at such an early hour? instead of asking your supervisor about YOU and making it in any way confrontational, you could always ask if something is happening with the company. "are we changing to a new... , because i noticed my new schedule is very different from my old one." sometimes when we eliminate a product/service where i am then the work shifts have to change as well to accommodate a new dept.
  6. :hugs:

    It's always about how one comes across and maybe she didn't mean that in an accusing tone. Maybe she knew that it was said you can make your own schedule and maybe she just wanted to change it on you and have that be that.

    I think it's important to have that open dialogue and hopefully things work out.
  7. I think part of my problem is after being in an abusive marriage with someone who was constantly trying to pissmr off so I would react, when I get really upset at something now I question weather I have a right to be so upset. I was really upset by this.

    Went to work yesterday. It was all closed doors in the office, lots of hushed talking. I did manage to get a second with my boss. She said the plant manager wants the new schedule. He wants me to be there when the other girls (accounting) are there. I told her it's really inconvenient for me getting things done. She said he realizes I need to do things outside of office hours, I'm supposed to work my one early day a week around that. I told her that early day is spoken for based on appointments I set given the schedule I was promised. We got interrupted. It was a short, unfinished talk. Shortly thereafter, an all employee meeting is called. The president of the company died the night before. That was all the closed doors. We were promised nothing was going yo change blah, blah, blah. After that meeting, I'm just going to shut up and work the schedule. If it's not working, I'll approach my boss again.

    To me, this was making rules that don't make sense. I have nothing to do with accounting. My job is easier with the flexibility I was promised.