1. Not sure where you live but the Mulberry outlets in CA and NY ship and often have Bayswaters on sale. I got my oak from the Cabazon outlet.
  2. Oh I didn't know that! I live in Seattle. I had no idea there were Mulberry outlets in the States. Sadly the SF Mulberry closed a couple of years ago, and the only other one I knew of was in NY. Mulberry isn't a brand I normally keep up with, but I've flirted with the idea of an oak Bayswater for years.

    Are the bags at the outlets "first quality" or do they normally have some minor imperfections? May I ask how much you paid for your Bays? :smile:
  3. They will send you lots of photos! I think they sell both past season items and seconds, I got my oak when they were changing to add the newer Bayswater style. I do not remember exactly what I paid but it was at least 30-40 percent off.
  4. Yes, they said the original oak bayswater was 976 plus tax. But since I live outside CA, I don't pay tax, just $15 shipping fee. Seems they get just one basywater in at a time, and mulberry sends them another when they've sold their stock. so every couple of weeks, apparently they get one. first quality goods, not seconds, according to them.

    I've asked to buy the next one that comes in (which I pleasantly anticipate to be in a couple of weeks since they just sold their only oak bays). I feel like I couldn't do better than $976 +$15 shipping even in the UK with tax refund, right? It's 995 GBP, plus according to the global blue calc, 122 GBP in tax refund. i feel like the outlet price works out better?

    I'm currently in London, and maybe the outlet prices here would be better, but I don't know that I'd have time to visit any of them, or if it'd be worth it?
  5. And apparently they are discontinuing the classic basywater style!?!
  6. Where did you hear this?
  7. An SA at the CA Mulberry outlet told me so, over the phone.

    They said if they kept the Bayswater, it would only be continued in oak and some other color. Maybe black?