1. Thank you
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  2. Just got a new phone and when I try to search or install the purseforum app it says that it's no longer available. Was it taken down?
  3. Just saw the posts above, for whatever reason they weren't showing up when I looked at this thread on the mobile site.:blush:
  4. I had the app on my phone but deleted it due to lack of space. I now want to redownload it but cannot find it anywhere in the apple app store.

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    Hi! I went through this last month. I went to my App Store, then update section on bottom right, then purchased at the top, and then clicked at the top where it says not on this iPhone and was able to redownload it from my cloud.

    I went through three good weeks of logging on through site before I found it there.
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  6. Huge thanks to you :yahoo::drinks: I only wanted to delete and reinstall as notifications weren't working ...
  7. I have the app but it won't let me log on. It keeps giving me "Access denied. This forum is currently unavailable, please try again later". Is anyone else having this issue? It's been about a month now and I much prefer the app over the web! :sad:
  8. OMG you are an angel and have saved my life LOL.
  9. Thanks so much. I am glad that there are TPFers who are great problem solvers and more technically savvy than me.
  10. I used to have this app on my iphone but I deleted it by accident. I can't find it in the app store anymore, is it no longer available?
  11. I got a new phone and I can't find the Purse Forum app. Does anyone know where it's at? Thanks!
  12. look at #485 above - it works!
  13. Thank you.
  14. Omg thank you genius!!! I resolved this in 2seconds thanks to you.