1. Bit of a weird question but is it possible to shrink a leather bag which has been stretched out? I've seen a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 I like but items have been put in the front pocket causing it to be very other than laying flush as it originally was. Would very carefully applied heat from a hairdryer cause it to shrink back to it's original shape or am I overreaching? I've read this was possible with car seats! Kind thanks!
  2. I wonder if you could somehow tack it or glue it down? might make the pocket unusable but make the bag look better
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  3. I would bring your bag to a repair shop to see if they can tighten the pocket. Hairdrying sounds like it will expand the leather rather than shrink it.
  4. I believe the warmth expands it and then triggers it to relax. I have decided against this potentially disastrous little experiment and LV can't repair it so I'm not going to buy the bag.