1. I have a weaker chin and was wondering if anyone has had experience with non surgical chin fillers like Restylane or Radiesse?
    I am eventually thinking of getting genioplasty but it isn't suitable at the moment so I was wondering if this would be a good temporary solution?
    TIA (:
  2. Hi, in case you're still in need of info, I've had Restylane twice and Radiesse currently.
    You can ask for a local anesthetic but I didn't and it still didn't hurt, you just feel pressure. Restylane was good but it disappeared in about 6 months and I had to be careful not to hit my chin too hard or it would swell up and was quite uncomfortable. (Hit as in, I do contact sports and get kicked in the face. Often XD )
    Radiesse is at the 13th month mark now and is still going pretty strong for me, the area doesn't seem to be that sensitive to being smacked either. I dunno why but it works better for me personally because of this, and also better then a permanent chin implant for the same reason.
  3. I'm curious too since I really need a chin implant but I do not want to save up for it right now. Does the chin filler look as good? Does it make your jawline look nicer too? What are the other benefits in your experience?
  4. I have restyline in my chin to fill in tiny dimple. if much bigger volume needed I heard radiesse is better cause it will stay for much longer and promotes tissue growth. genioplasty is very very risky ( if you are talking about breaking bones and assembling them in new way), chin implant is safer choice.
  5. You can also consider fat grafting for chin too :smile:
  6. I used Radiesse. It didn't last anywhere as long as it's supposed to for me. It started disappearing around the 3 month mark and was completely gone by 6. It was a disappointment because the doctor did a great job in terms of shape and projection.