1. Technically not new as I bought it a few months back, but my newest Dooney. Just happened upon it on Thredup. I suspect it had just been listed. Marked down plus 30% off. Paid about $110. The only issue is it's heavy!!!!
  2. Enjoy, it's a beautiful handbag and you got a great price. I bought that handbag years ago and I love it. It's one of my favorite styles and I love the Dooney croco. Compared to other Dooneys I own, it's not very heavy. Glad you are getting ready to give it some use.
  3. True but I took it outlet shopping and my shoulder was killing me! I did use it a bit, and bought the continental clutch wallet in green to match. Not usually a Dooney fan, I don't care for logos but this was even prettier in person!
  4. Very nice color to go into Fall with. Congrats!
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    I got this logo lock on eBay. I thought it was bordeaux when I bought it, but it is grape. I am not sure yet but I may prefer the grape.
  6. I think the grape is pretty!
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  7. I this the grape is a beautiful, muted color! I would keep.
    Plus, this color is very hard to find since D&B doesn't make the Logo Lock in this color any longer.
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  8. Both grape and Bordeaux are beautiful colors. I would keep the grape. And if you love the style or still want a Bordeaux, then keep looking for another handbag in Bordeaux.
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  9. Omg she is gorgeous. I love her!! And the grape is an amazing color
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