1. I was curious too. Just got the teal Nile in the mail and I'm excited to start carrying it.
  2. Please report back to let us know how it wears. I'm considering the python Nile, but am afraid that it will wear horribly.
  3. Hi, I have the caramel nile minaudiere for about two months now and it still looks good! My issue with the bag is with the alphabet charm on the bottom (i think only the minaudiere's have it) because it kept falling off the first couple times I used it. I went to the Chloe boutique in South coast just to see if my lock was defective but it's just how the bag's made. My SA suggested to just put the charm by the straps and it's been staying put since!
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  4. IMG_3526.JPG IMG_3525.JPG My Nile bag - bought directly from Chloe 6 weeks ago, worn maybe 7 times....
  5. I contacted Chloe and they did send me back the following:

    We kindly remind you that maison Chloé is unable to repair the following: holes, stains, scratches, or general wear-and-tear.

    I will show the bag In-Store next week, but at the moment it seems to be the last item I've ever purchased with Chloe, even though I love their designs!
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  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. You saved me over $2500 on the python Nile. I'll stick with Hermes from now on.
  7. I called them today amd they told me on the phone that I could get it repaired with them.
    So I'll send it back to Italy next week and then let you know how it turned out...
    Maybe their customer service is better than shown till now.
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  8. That's why I don't like those lighter colored bags, every little stupid thing shows. Go with black, so much more classic and beautiful with the hardware contrast.