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Cumberland County, New Jersey - Appraisals

New Jersey highlighting Cumberland CountyCumberland County is located in the southern portion of the state of New Jersey and is considered to be part of the Delaware Valley.  Nexus AnalytixTM actively complete services throughout Cumberland County, New Jersey (NJ).  The county seat is located in Bridgeton City, NJ.  The county is a total of 677 square miles, of which 489 square miles is land area and 187 square miles is water area.  The 2000 census report lists the Cumberland County population at 146,438, which is 300 people per square mile.  The 2005 population is estimated to be 154,823, a 5.7% decrease from 2000.

Nexus Analytix™ - provides real estate appraisals and manufactured home/mobile home appraisals in Cumberland County, New Jersey (NJ).  Our office maintains extensive records of subdivision plans, floor plans and brochures, builder information, tax maps, plat maps, flood zone maps, condominium project information, manufactured home and mobile home park data, comparable sales books and other data, some dating back to 1959.   This information can be invaluable to many appraisal problems and identifying changes in the neighborhood or a subject property.  Very few appraisers or appraisal companies have built a collection of data.


Cumberland County, New Jersey (NJ) - Appraisal Services

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Municapalities in Cumberland County, New Jersey

 Bridgeton City, NJ       Greenwich Township, NJ       Shiloh Borough, NJ     
 Commercial Township, NJ       Hopewell Township, NJ       Stow Creek Township, NJ     
 Deerfeild Township, NJ       Lawrence Township, NJ       Upper Deerfield Township, NJ     
 Downe Township, NJ       Murice River Township, NJ       Vineland City, NJ     
 Fairfield Township, NJ       Millville City, NJ        


Post Offices and Zip Codes in Cumberland County, New Jersey

 08302   Bridgeton, NJ       08311  Cedarville, NJ        08313  Deerfield, NJ     
 08314 Delmont, NJ        08315 Dividing Creek, NJ       08316 Dorchester, NJ     
 08320 Fairton, NJ       08321 Fortescue, NJ       08323 Greenwich, NJ     
 08324 Heislerville, NJ       08327 Leesburg, NJ       08329 Mauricetown, NJ     
 08332 Millville, NJ       08345 Newport, NJ       08348 Port Elizabeth, NJ     
 08349  Port Norris, NJ       08452 Rosenhayn, NJ       08353 Shiloh, NJ     
 08360 Vineland, NJ        08361 Vineland, NJ       08362 Vineland, NJ